The Photographer

A Brief History

I had limited, direct access to understanding the art of photography growing up, yet I have had a photographic mind ever since I was a young child. I can remember mentally framing my world all around me long before I even owned a camera or new what a camera was. It was just in my nature to study my surroundings and look for beauty. The only access to photography I can remember is the National Geographic magazines at my grandparent’s house. I remember studying the imagery. It gave me an opportunity to see the world and all of its beauty in nature and people. My mother, the diligent family photographer, had a film SLR with a few lenses and took it with her everywhere. She was my first artistic idol. I loved her photographs, especially those of her flowers.

Remember those little, plastic point and shoot cameras? I eventually owned one of those. I loved taking pictures, waiting for that envelope to return from the lab and giving out my doubles. I was only sometimes proud of my developed matte or glossy 4 by 6 snap-shots. I remember wondering why my results did not compare to professional photographs. I recognized that I was better at taking photos than my peers, but wanted my results to be so much more professional. Little did I know that I just needed better technology and that my critiques were again due to my photographic mind.

My pursuit of photography as a career came many years later, as an adult. Photography remained a hobby of mine until I took a photography class in college at the age of 31. My professor helped me to realize my potential and I changed my major and began studying photography. Since then I have had so many opportunities to learn from and work with some of the most talented photographers and stylists. It is their devotion to my craft that has encouraged me to be the artist I am today. Not everyone has the opportunity to work as an artist professionally. I am so thankful.

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